In 2018 I was invited to take part in the Summer Architecture School organised by Mawane in Bahrain. A series of lectures and workshops to exchange ideas, share knowledge, experience and produce work collectively towards a proposed architecture installation. 
The summer school was the second in parts with the aim to develop a concept of light and sound to create an experience for the space. 
This school aimed to construct an atmosphere within the designed exhibition space that provides an immersing experience for the visitors and in response to the Third Cultural Season’s theme. Through the spatial experience felt within the space the cultural season aims to expose the alternatives of modernity that had never manifested in Bahrain and the possibilities these alternatives can provide to the future that is yet to be.
It was an exercise into the imagination, not some sort of a prescriptive manifesto, but just the possibilities of something else; different process, different way of thinking and different perspectives utilising different combinations of what already exists.
An exploration of the future implies an urgent need to understand the new technological developments and spatial practices and how they could be incorporated in the built environment. An exhibition design was chosen from those produced through the collaborative design process that took place during the Winter Architecture School (WAS), and upon a lot of deliberation on how to showcase the artwork within the designed exhibition space, we decided on creating an invisible structure of sound and light honouring all what we cannot see. 
As both the tangible and intangible intertwine within the space, an artwork emerges reflecting both the theme and the process of the collective work that took place during the school. -
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